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Barroux is our artist in residence this year at the Institut français where he will be bringing his pens and brushes in the run-up to the festival. This year he won the PEN Promotes award for the graphic novel Alpha, the story of a man who leaves Ivory Coast to be reunited with his family in France. Barroux is as comfortable working on colourful and lighter-hearted books as he is providing gritty illustrations for more sensitive subjects such as migration or the First World War.

Recent books:
Welcome (September 2016, Egmont)
Le Grand Incendie (Septembre 2016, Les Éditions des Éléphants)
Alpha (2016, Barrington Stoke)
La Grotte des animaux qui dansent (May 2016, L’Élan vert/Canopé)
L’Attrape-lune (May 2016, Mango Jeunesse)
Où est l’étoile de mer? (April 2016, Kaleidoscope)
Where’s the Starfish? (April 2016, Egmont)
Where’s the elephant? (March 2016, Egmont)