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Bourgeau & Ramadier

Belgian illustrator Vincent Bourgeau and French writer Cédric Ramadier form an inseparable duo. Their interactive stories are great at getting the children involved, whether it’s a wolf they need to chase away from the pages of their book or the bedtime good habits they have to rehearse. And to top it off, Ramadier studied at the London Camberwell School of Arts, and will be happy interacting with young British readers!

Recent books:
Le Livre en Colère (August 2016, L’école des loisirs)
Au Secours Sortez-moi de là ! (March 2016, L’école des loisirs)
Shhh! This Book is Sleeping (January 2016, Random House Books)

Coming soon:
Mais qui a éteint ? (September 2016, L’école des loisirs)

Workshops on:
Les Poux (October 2015, Gallimard BD)
Au creux de la main (March 2010, l’école des loisirs)
Debout couché (October 2011, l’école des loisirs)

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