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Catharina Valckx

Catharina was raised in the Parisian suburbia along with her four sisters and many neighbours. Her parents are Dutch, and so is she, but when it comes to writing, her preference is French. Catharina has been living in Amsterdam for a while. After having been a painter for about ten years, she felt a newfound passion for children’s literature. Since then, she has published 40 books translated in 13 languages, as an author and illustrator. Her books are all about humour, leaning towards absurdity, and also about empathy for her characters.

Recent books:

  • Manu et Nono, Le Coup de Foudre (2019, l’école des loisirs)
  • Manu et Nono, Le dernier gâteau (2019, l’école des loisirs)
  • Zanzibar (2019, Gecko Press)
  • Billy cherche un trésor (2018, l’école des loisirs)