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Clémentine Beauvais

French author and translator Clémentine Beauvais is also a lecturer in English and Education at the University of York. She writes in English and French for Young Adults and children and has won several awards for her work, for example Best Children’s Book by the French magazine Lire for Les Petites Reines (Piglettes) and the Incorruptibles Prize 2015-2016 for La Louve. She has recently translated acclaimed Young Adult novel One by Sarah Crossan into French under the title Inséparables.

Recent books:

  • Piglettes (2017, Pushkin)
  • Inséparables, translation of One from Sarah Crossan (2017, Rageot)
  • Va jouer avec le petit garcon ! (2016, Sarbacane)
  • Songe à la douceur (2016, Sarbacane)
  • The Very Royal Holiday (2016, Bloomsbury)
  • Mystery & Mayhem,(Crime Club) (2016, Egmont)