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Colas Gutman

Colas Gutman’s parents were writers, and for a long time he was convinced that it was the worst profession in the world… Until one day the joy of writing grabbed him too! And it hasn’t let him go since. He is still a big kid, and writes his books in exactly the same way he used to do his homework when he was younger – lying on his bed, using a comic book as his desk. Gutman explores childhood and adolescence in his work, with all of the lightness, angst, surrealism, and weirdness that belong to them. In 2013, he invented the hilarious and endearing character of Chien Pourri (Dumpster Dog). The series has been a tremendous success in France since its inception.

Recent books:

  • Chien Pourri au cirque (2019, l’école des loisirs)
  • The Adventures of Dumpster Dog (2019, Enchanted Lion Books)
  • The Pointless Leopard (2015, Pushkin Children’s Books)