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Hélène Druvert

Hélène Druvert is not only a French illustrator, she is also a paper and textile designer. She likes to mix styles and create beautiful cut-out books, patterns, paper scenography, illustration… Her inspiration comes from the world of childhood and from her travels, all deeply present in her books. Those published in English include Mary Poppins, Up Up and Away, as well as Paris, Up, Up and Away and most recently Anatomy, a cut-out book about the human body.

Recent books:

  • Anatomy: A Cutaway Look Inside the Human Body (2017, Thames & Hudson)
  • Anatomie (2016, La Martinière)
  • The Phantom of the Opera (2016, Abrams)
  • Mary Poppins, Up Up and Away (2016, Thames & Hudson)
  • Paris, Up Up and Away (2015, Thames & Hudson)