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Marcelino Truong

French illustrator and author Marcelino Truong was born of a Vietnamese father and a mother from Saint-Malo. His autobiographic graphic novel Such a Lovely Little War looks back to the Vietnam war through the eyes of a young boy. His latest project is the brilliant graphic novel Give Peace a Chance: Londres 1963-75 which retraces his childhood in London. His illustrated books for children are often set in foreign countries and revolve around popular myths and legends.

Recent books:
Give peace a chance (2015, Denoël)
Une si jolie petite guerre (October 2015, Denoël)

Coming soon:
La Clochette du mandarin (Novembre 2016, Sarbacane)
Such a Lovely Little War (October 2016, Arsenal Pulp Press)

Workshops on:
Une si jolie petite guerre (October 2015, Denoël)
La Sirène des coraux (November 2014, Gautier-Languereau)

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