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Matthieu Maudet

Special guest of the Bibliothèque Quentin Blake this year, Matthieu Maudet is a French illustrator who spent many years sketching in the margins of his notebooks before dedicating himself entirely to children’s illustration. After being an illustrator for magazines such as La Classe or Spirou Hebdo, he now co-signs books with Jean Leroy, Michaël Escoffier and Gilles Baum and he also writes his own stories: Y’a un loup, J’y vais or Les chaussettes.

Recent books:

  • Y’a un loup (2017, l’école des loisirs)
  • Le piège parfait (2017, Le Seuil)
  • Disparais! (2017, l’école des loisirs)
  • Les chaussettes (2016, l’école des loisirs)
  • Tous les mots n’existent pas (2016, Frimousse)
  • A Mammoth in the Fridge (2013, Gecko)