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Paul Gravett

Paul Gravett is a London-based freelance journalist, curator, lecturer, writer and broadcaster, who has worked in comics publishing and promotion since 1981. Paul is the author of different books such as Manga: 60 Years Of Japanese Comics (2004) or Great British Comics: Celebrating A Century Of Ripping Yarns & Wizard Wheezes (2006) and he is a passionate specialist of comics and cartoons. Since 2003, Paul is the director of Comica (http://www.comicafestival.com) the London International Comics Festival. He continues to write about comics for various periodicals, including The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Comics Journal, Comic Heroes, Time Out or The Bookseller and regularly chairs and curates exciting events around the UK and beyond.

Recent books:
Comics Art (2013, Tate Publishing)

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