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Thomas Baas

Thomas Baas graduated from the Strasbourg Decorative Art School. He works with newspapers on a regular basis and has illustrated many children’s books, including Blanc bonhomme de neige, Le Croqueur de cauchemars, Barouf à San Balajo, the pop-up book Boucle d’Or, and many more. He also designs posters. He is very picky about his colors and fonts, and his preciseness, humour and big heart are palpable in his work. He currently resides in Paris.

Recent books:

  • Lettres d’amour de 0 à 10 (2019, Editions Rue de Sèvres)
  • La Grande fabrique à idées (2019, Casterman)
  • The Flight of Mr Flinch (2018, Tate Publishing)