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Véronique Tadjo

Born in Paris, Véronique Tadjo returned to Ivory Coast with her family when she was still very young. A pioneer of African children’s literature, she is a prestigious poet and novelist (laureate of the Grand Prix d’Afrique Noire), as well as an author of children’s books. Writing for a younger audience, Tadjo takes on difficult topics like Apartheid, political violence and access to natural resources, introducing traditional local African cultures to young readers.

Recent books:
Léopold Sédar Senghor, le poète des paroles qui durent (June 2014, À dos d’âne)
Mamy Wata and the Monster (January 1993, Milet Publishing) -> UNICEF Prize 1993 at the Biennale des Arts et Lettres de Daka and “Mention d´honneur” in 1994 for “Noma Award for publishing in Africa”.
Reine Pokou (2005, Actes Sud) -> Grand prix littéraire d’Afrique noire in 2005

Workshops on:
Les Enfants qui plantaient des arbres (2013, Oskar)
Nelson Mandela : “Non à l’apartheid” (September 2010, Actes Sud junior)
Chasing the Sun, Stories from Africa (June 2008, Bloomsbury)

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