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Timothée de Fombelle

Specially recommended by Librairie La Page, Timothée de Fombelle is one of France’s best known children’s writers. He first started out as a playwright, before starting to write novels for young adults. He is the bestselling author of the series Vango and Tobby Lolness which won more than 20 prizes in France and Europe, such as the Marsh Award or the prize Saint Exupéry. De Fombelle’s stories are written not just for “young readers”, but for himself and other readers too, and he relishes the artistic freedom they offer him.

Recent books: The Book of Pearl (June 2016, Walker)
La Bulle (Gallimard, October 2015)
Vango Book Two: A Prince Without a Kingdom (March 2015, Walker)

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: The Book of Pearl (June 2016, Walker)

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